Success through cooperation, fairness and professionalism…

Deubv takes on many tasks when it comes to accompanying your business on the path to success with motivated employees. Processes such as the recruiting of qualified applicants are carried out by us in Nürnberg. In order to guarantee that you are provided with suitable employees with the desired requirements, Deubv stands by proven processes for personnel placement and the recruitment of excellent personnel. Whether it is a matter of urgent personnel recruitment, reacting to sudden changes in the company, or temporary employee leasing: Deubv supports you on your path to success through cooperation, fairness and professionalism.

And in detail…

Your satisfaction and the success of your company are Deubv’s ultimate goals. That is why we offer you customized personnel solution, which includes the professional cooperation with Deubv and the flexibility we offer you in recruiting new personnel. Thanks to our dynamic team and the recruitment of excellent personnel, even short-term projects can be implemented. Outsourcing is carried out via the process that you consider to be most appropriate for your company. However, the goals are always the same: satisfaction and success.

In order to provide you with qualified applicants who meet your requirements, a wide variety of personnel concepts are available to you. These include personnel leasing, personnel recruitment or the outsourcing of recruitment. In order to develop your customized personnel solution, we are at your disposal for consultation in Nürnberg. Contact us and devise the success of your company with Deubv!

Personnel leasing

Whether applicant or company – Deubv is your professional partner for personnel recruitment, personnel leasing and the recruitment of excellent personnel in Hannover.

In detail…

Deubv is not only a recruitment agency in Nürnberg, we are also an innovative employer for future-oriented work models. Do you stand for dynamic, flexibility and progress? Do you enjoy facing new challenges? Then we are the right employer for you. The concept of personnel leasing means that the applicant is officially employed by Deubv. We then transfer you to projects, companies and jobs. The applicant benefits from additional experience, exciting tasks and the flexibility and security provided by Deubv. You will gain insights into various industries and build your professional network. And that’s not all: with every step, we think ahead and always develop new measures with you for further qualifications. You will receive a sold foundation for your professional future and will be able to achieve success even in the hustle and bustle of the times.

Whether applicant or company – Deubv is your professional partner for personnel recruitment, personnel leasing and the recruitment of excellent personnel in Nürnberg.

In detail…

We draw up and implement the master plan for successful personnel solutions in your company. The recruitment of excellent personnel is our highest priority and for that, Deubv operates as a managed service provider. You receive the complete service package for the successful implementation of your projects from us. Additionally, we are also the interface between you and your service providers. When we take on the role of master vendor management, you will benefit from the master plan, customised to the successful personnel policy, being implemented throughout.

The master plan for a successful personnel policy

In order for you to benefit from the range of services offered and Deubv’s recruitment of excellent personnel, we would like to invite you to a consultation meeting at our headquarters in Nürnberg. Together we devise, coordinate and realise the success of your company!