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Are you motivated and searching for a job where you can put your energy to work? Are you ready for new challenges? Deubv from Hannover supports you in your job search and offers you a job in renowned companies with best conditions.

Job openings:

  • Deutsche Berufsvermittlung: Senior (w/m) Quality Manager
  • Deutsche Berufsvermittlung: Senior (w/m) Project Manager
  • Deutsche Berufsvermittlung: Senior (w/m) Architect

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Contact us and tell us who you are, what your skills are, and what you want. Benefit from an attractive offer and new career prospects. For the recruitment of excellent personnel, we are constantly searching for new employees with vigour – we are looking for you!

    New career prospects with Deubv

    With us, you will find jobs in various areas, waiting to be staffed with an expert. You can also simply contact us, tell us who you are and what your skills are – our recruitment team will find the right job for you that matches your profile!

    The recruitment agency Deubv supports you in finding a job. Whether you are looking for a temporary job to gain experience and references or a long-term job: We strive to provide you with the most attractive job offer. With Deubv from Hannover, people from all industries will find interesting jobs, whether as skilled workers, commercial employees or academics. However, we pay special attention to applicants from the field of quality management. New, motivated experts and professionals are constantly needed in this field. Because of numerous requirements and quality standards, the recruitment of excellent personnel and quality assurance are fields of increasing importance. However, our recruitment agency in Nürnberg is always pleased to offer new career perspectives to experts from all sectors.

    Deubv as an employer

    You will be transferred to renowned companies via our recruitment agency and will benefit from a new job that matches your qualifications. As it is handled as personnel leasing, Deubv is also your official employer. As such, we offer you new perspectives and numerous opportunities to enter a sector as well as promotion prospects. You benefit from our dynamic recruitment and the young spirit of Deubv! We are in contact with various long-established and leading companies in various industries in Nürnberg to provide you with exciting temporary jobs. With Deubv, you are always on the path to success. We accompany you through your career and are your springboard to the top.